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Coral Comporta


Coral Comporta is a decoration boutique in the heart of Comporta, a beautiful village in Alentejo known as "the Hamptons of Europe".


Comporta has become a high-end destination and home to various designers such as Christian Louboutin, Philippe Stark, Jason Martin, Pierre Yovanovitch.

It is also known for its connection to traditional Alentejo art, the preservation of nature and its fauna and flora and the fusion of old and modern aesthetics.

Coral Comporta opened its doors in 2016 and with its original, exquisite and electic vibes has become a reference of art and design in the village.


Coral Comporta's frame: left (2020) and right (2021)

Our partnership began in 2020 and our work together ranges from illustration to ceramics. Following the "Comporta style", Coral Comporta is always keen in having the village's symbols present in their collections: the stork and its nest, oranges, rice fields, sea elements...

Coral Comporta's dinnerware

'Carolina' is the first dinnerware set of Coral Comporta.


It is handmade in Alentejo therefore every plate is unique. The plates are in clay which is typical from this region and perfect for a summer house!

Coral: dinner plate

Stork: bread plate

Shell: dessert plate


You can also find prints with several types of illustration, all of them displaying Comporta's ambience.


To order / shop, visit their Instagram page here.


Blues and greens: interior of the boutique (2016-2020)


This year (2021) Coral Comporta underwent a full renovation and it is now all yellow, orange and green

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