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3 Milhões de Nós / 3MN Conference


3MN is a one-day conference for young people and it happens every two years.

It was canceled in 2020 due to the COVID19 pandemic.

To know more about this important project, please visit their website.

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Speakers: Núria Frau (left) Pe. Hugo Gonçalves (right)

The 2018 edition's theme was "Youth's future" and it had speakers such as Zé Diogo Quintela, Ricardo Araújo Pereira, João Miguel Tavares, Catarina Furtado. To watch all of the 28 talks , please click here.


Speaker: Ricardo Araújo Pereira

This may have been that most ambitious project I had to design: a conference about what it means to be young in our present day. It happened in Aula Magna, with a room (over) packed with 1,800 people (and + 800 watching over streaming).


It was such a big challenge that it took two years to prepare. It would have not been possible without the help of over 80 volunteers (in which there were 5 other designers who participated as well). 


Designing this conference included: logo, branding, social media, posters, stationery, communication, stationery, presentations...

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