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Contos dos Jardins de Cascais


Commissioned illustrations for Cascais' City Hall's "Contos dos Jardins de Cascais". Published in May 2021.

This book has five short-stories about Cascais, a fishermen villa near Lisbon, and its gardens. To marvel its young readers, author Teresa Ribeiro decided to tell these stories through garden gnomes, magical creatures and even dinossaurs!

The book's cover: the main character, King Glei

Filled with fantasy and unexpected turn of events, I chose a classic medium to illustrate these stories: pen and watercolor.

And, although I love color, I am a big fan of white backgrounds.


The book launch in a sunny day in Cascais

The book launch was in May 2021 in Parque Marechal Carmona. Presenting the book was Carlos Carreiras, Cascais mayor.

Story by Teresa Ribeiro

Project management by João Henriques

Design by Sara Gonçalves

Portfolio pictures taken by Teresa Freitas

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